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You can get a new USDOT number; Update your current USDOT number or Update your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR).

Each one of our filing services meets the required legal federal statute. And in addition to our secure online systems, we also offer a variety of convenient features like ongoing auto-renewal . UCR pay fees to usdotcompliance via our secure service.

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We Make It Easy to Update & Comply!

Do you have an interstate motor carrier business? If the answer is yes, the FMCSA, requires you to file for and participate in various programs to stay in compliance with federal guidelines.

Our Services

From registrations to renewals, USDOT Compliance Services provides a variety of solutions that ensures your entire fleet complies with USDOT demands. Our current products and services include:

Don’t let something as simple as a missed deadline cost you fees, fines, or even your business!

Stay organized and stay ahead with USDOT Compliance Services Today!

Stay compliant on your Unified Carrier Registration and your Biennial Update.  Avoid any penalties and fines.

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